Party treasure and experience.

From Don’s runs, we didn’t have the list, but we decided to figure that the random stuff the party had accumulated totaled to about 1,500 GP worth of trinkets, baubles, and gems. This didn’t include gear that anyone was using, like Rael‘s Armor of Blur and Wynn’s Helm of Brilliance.

700 GP was spent on seven Potions of Healing and a Scroll of Ice Knife.

This should put total party treasure around 800GP, plus

Treasure from The Temple of Miska:


  • A scroll of Ice Knife
  • 7 Potions of Healing
  • Chaog’s Sword (+1 Frost Brand), currently wielded by Rollin
  • Two four inch round escutcheons of a wolf spider, which also happen to be the keys to Miska’s temple, worth roughly 25 GP each
  • A pair of small gold bracelets (25 GP each)
  • A gold locket with scorched paint inside (25 GP)
  • A single engraved bone die (25 GP)
  • A bone statuette of a wyvern (25 GP)
  • 20 GP that Rael and Rollin won from Goram, Peran, and Chut.

Experience from the The Temple of Miska:

  • Boar: 50 XP
  • Spiders in the fountain room: 720 XP
  • Faala, Golint, and Hecat the Fire Snakes: 600 XP
  • Seela the Salamander: 1800 XP
  • Rollin and Rael’s brilliant (ha!) idea on how to power The Apprentice’s Folly without a dawn: 250 XP (even though the party chose not to buy it, it was a very good idea and worth some bennies.)
    Total: 3420 XP, divided six ways = 570/person

Previous experience per character: 2700
This Adventure: 570
Current XP total 3270


__________, Rollin, and Rael each found some interesting in-character things to do when at Heyward’s Hideaway, and start the next episode with a d6 Inspiration die.

Treasure from Sloobludop:

The treasure to be had amounts to a boat and a panther. The kuo-toa raiding party who tried to catch you carried nothing of real use, and you bolted from the city too quickly to pillage the temple to the Deep Father.


  • Kuo-toa grunts: 900
  • 10 kuo-toa Monitors: 7000
  • Kuo-toa Arch Priest (Bloppblippodd): 2300
  • We all forgot to use the Inspiration from the The Temple of Miska. I’ll convert those to 100 party XP each: 300.
  • Chapter bonus: Escape from Demogorgon: 1200

Total: 11700, divided five ways = 2340

Previous experience per character: 3270
XP for this adventure: 2340
Total XP: 5610

You are 890 XP from fifth level.

I will continue to convert unused GM-fiat inspiration to XP should we either forget or choose not to use them.


We’ll do a full-round of d6s for Inspiration again; each player gets one d6 he can use to adjust a single roll next session. High points included Alphys’s always chasing down the Biggest Baddest thing in the room (though I reserve the right to tweak Alphys for not chasing down Demogorgon himself…), Wynn’s reaction to her dream, and Goldenrod’s plan to keep the extra guards from joining the fight by barring the door with himself.

Treasure from Navigating the underground river:

The treasure from this session was five suits of hobgoblin chain armor and six swords.


  • 7 hobgoblins: 700 xp
  • Water weird: 700 xp
  • Interaction with Skriss of the Society of Brilliance: 550 xp
  • Chapter bonus: Finding Gracklstugh: 1200 xp

Previous experience per character: 5610
XP for this adventure: 525
Total XP: 6135

The party is 365 xp from fifth level, but I asked you to level up anyhow.

Treasure from One day in Gracklstugh


modron.gifTreasure for this session was almost negative— you have a boat parked at the docks, and it has the hobgoblin armor on it, but at the moment, you can’t reach it.
You did, however, receive:

  • A rough stone with an image carved on one side
  • Identification papers to allow safe passage through the Gracklstugh docks district


This run sets up a lot of quests that’ll be cashed in later, but still yielded some XP:

  • About a dozen duergar guards actively trying to kill you: 2400 xp
  • Wynn’s talk with the mystic: 300 xp
  • An extremely unconventional jailbreak: 800 xp
  • a Quasit and four Dretches: 400 xp
  • Tracking the wily Derro: 450 xp

Previous experience per character: 6135
XP for this adventure: 725
Total XP: 6860

Treasure from Beginning exploration of the Whorlstone Tunnels


Buppido’s lair yielded 10gp, 11sp, and a piece of lizard-skin parchment that read, “Worship Buppido!”

The dump yielded an obsidian ring that turned to dust when Wynn placed it on her finger.


  • Buppido’s Lair: Buppido and the Skeletons: 1000 xp
  • Parade of Fools: Parlaying with the myconids: 300 xp
  • Raucous Mesa: Learning Captain Blackskull’s real plan: 300 xp
  • Fungi Thicket: Swarms of insects: 500 xp
  • Dumping Pit: Derro and Zombies: 400 xp
  • Unused Inspiration: 200 xp

Previous experience per character: 6860
XP for this adventure: 540
Total XP: 7400


Since we actually remembered Inspiration, I cashed out what you’d earned but had not spent. We’ll do one inspiration all around: Both Dragonborn for frying each other with breath weapons and fire spells because, well, they can handle it. Rael for discovering Blackskull’s plan, Wynn for learning the magic of the obsidian ring the hard way, and Eldeth for fearlessly charging in to a horde of zombies. (That, I apologize, should have been larger…)

Treasure from Blackskull’s malcontents and more zombies


Each of the duergar Stone Guard carried a war pick and wore chain mail and a shield. These were left behind, but Eldeth took five of their javelins. Grinah carried a dagger, which Rael used to replace the one he lost in the dumping pits.

  • Aquilan’s Shield
  • The Staff of the Unnamed Sorcerer
  • an aquamarine gem worth about 500 gold
  • a strange gold coin, a piece of charcoal, and a ledger book that describes the coin

The Stone Guardsmen carried 47 gp and 212 sp between them.


  • Zombies: 1350xp
  • Stone Guards: 4000xp
  • Random encounter: Yellow mold: 150xp
  • Pliinki and the Spectator: 1400xp

Previous total: 7400
This run: 1725
Total: 9125

Treasure from Two Heads are Better than One


  • Droki’s Hat of Displacement
  • Droki’s Boots of Speed
  • Lorthio’s Experiment (Collar of Stone Giant Strength)
  • jar of Keoghtoms Ointment
  • 45 gp
  • 15 sp
  • Tomes describing a profane ritual



  • Cave Bears: 2000xp
  • Derro cultists: 4200xp
  • Droki: 1100xp
  • Narrak: 1100xp
  • Grula-Munga: 1100xp
  • Death Dog: 200xp

Story Bonuses:

  • Fardelver’s Gate pt 1: 5000xp
  • Fardelver’s Gate pt 2: 5000xp
  • Capturing Droki: 5000xp
  • I hate fractions: 50xp

Fardelver’s Gate Pt 1 is determining what it was (I am assuming y’all put two and two together) and that it’s a transportation device.
Fardelver’s Gate Pt 2 is finding a piece of the device.

Previous total: 9125
This run: 4125
Total: 13250

Treasure from Making sense of the City of Blades


  • Piece of Fardelver’s gate
  • Masterwork elven dagger



  • 14 Duergar Keepers of the Flame: 6300xp
  • Malloc: 3900xp
  • Rihuud: 2900xp

Story Bonuses:

  • Fardelver’s Gate pt 3: 5000xp
  • Booking Droki: 5000xp

Previous total: 13250
This run: 3850
Total: 17100

Party treasure and experience.

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