Shuushar the Awakened

Zen kuo-toa, fellow prisoner


Shuushar is an unusual kuo-toa, a hermit that exudes a calm and peaceful presence. Aware of his people’s reputation for cruelty and madness, Shuushar claims to have spent a lifetime in contemplation and solitary mediation to overcome that legacy. A complete pacifist, Shuushar utterly refuses to fight or cause harm to any other creature, even to the point of not defending himself or others.

He wishes to travel to Sloobludop in order to bring the news of his revelations to his people.

When combat has broken out, Shuushar stands passively. Thus far, he’s neither moved to confront the enemy nor moved to run from it.

Shuushar didn’t flee with the party when Demogorgon ransacked the city of Sloobludop. His disposition and whereabouts are currently unknown.


Shuushar the Awakened

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