Sarith Kzekarit

Drow warrior, fellow prisoner.


Sarith mostly keeps to himself, but he has no desire to be recaptured and sent to Menzoberranzan as a sacrifice, so he’s thrown in with a group of prisoners from Velkynvelve.

Sarith knows his way around this area of the Underdark, and can lead you to Neverlight Grove, Gracklstugh, and Sloobludop. While he eventually wants to reach the Myconid haven of Neverlight Grove and believes Stool’s assessment of the Sovereigns there, he suggests that due to the distance, visiting Sloobludop and acquiring a boat to travel the Darklake would probably be the best option.

Sarith is pretty crafty in a fight, moving around through the shadows to find good opportunities to poke enemies full of holes with his hand crossbow.

Every so often, his voice changes and he worries about being late for the wedding. When confronted about this, he seems to have no idea of any wedding or having ever brought it up.

With a pained look on his face, Sarith found his body walking forward to join a group of dancing myconids in the Whorlstone Tunnels underneath Gracklstugh. That group, including Sarith, walked into a mushroom forest and vanished without a trace. Sarith has not been seen since.


Sarith Kzekarit

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