Jorlan Duskryn

Elite drow warrior, former head prison guard


Jorlan was the former leader of the prison guards and former consort to the priestess Ilvara Mizzrym until he had an unfortunately run in with a black pudding. With his face scarred and sword arm mangled, Jorlan was demoted to just a guard and kicked from Ilvara’s bed.

He is particularly unimpressed by this turn of events, sufficiently unimpressed that he slipped out one night to warn you that Ilvara is searching for you.

His help gave brief hope that perhaps, should it come down to it, you might have help from the mighty Drow warrior should you have to face Ilvara and her forces, but that hope receded as Jorlan explained his vision of the future should you be recaptured: He is sure that Asha will rise up against Ilvara and attempt to take the slave pens by force. She will be bolstered by the belief that her brother, Shoor, will follow her— but Jorlan is certain that Shoor will choose her new lover Ilvara over his own blood. That, he reckons, will make it a pretty good fight, and he looks forward to front-row seats for that just as much as he’s enjoying watching Ilvara’s struggles today.


Jorlan Duskryn

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