Eldeth Feldrun

Shield Dwarf Scout, fellow prisoner


Eldeth is a scout from Gauntlgrym, a dwarf proud both of her heritage and of her people’s achievement in reclaiming the ancient dwarven kingdom. In typical dwarf fashion, Eldeth is rather stubborn and hates the drow as well as all other corrupt dark dwellers such as the derro and duergar. Among surface dwellers, though, she’s surprisingly bright and cheerful, not gruff like the traditional dwarf.

She wishes to return to Gauntlgrym, which she knows has exits to the surface world. She has appointed herself protector to Shuushar the Awakened and the youthful Stool, and follows Sarith solely because her charges are convinced that Sarith knows the way home.

She’s shown absolutely no fear in combat, going into an almost berzerker-like rage when her friends are threatened.


Eldeth Feldrun

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